New Horizons Silicon Valley

About Us

New Horizons Silicon Valley will be operational in Q1 2012. We will be the leading provider of technical certification training for world-class technology companies including VMware, Cisco and Microsoft. The management team has a combined experience of over 30 years in the training industry.

Why Invest in NHSV?

NHSV will be part of the New Horizons group of franchises. This is a proven model of technology training that has a 30-year history of producing high margins.  The proven franchise model allows us to generate consistent high margins and cash flow for our investors with very low levels of risk to the capital.

Using a very conservative business plan, NHSV will be able to generate cash and revenue from day one of operation. It is projected profitable in the first year of operation and in the future. The investors will be rewarded handsomely almost from the first months of investment.

As technologies get more consolidated they become more complicated. This means that in foreseeable future the IT industry and professionals will require constant training in these complex IT products.  Technology training has been growing by approximately 30% per year even in the current economic environment.

NHSV management and instructors have been managing and delivering training programs for over 20 years. The training delivery mechanisms have evolved over the years from classroom training to online live training to cloud training. We have stayed ahead of the curve with this shift in delivery mechanisms and have successfully run and delivered high levels of profitable ROI during our past engagements. This has been achieved by creating successful sales strategies and user-friendly technology driven training platforms for our clients.


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